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Patagon Journal: Mystery Whale Deaths: Is Climate Change the Cause?

National Geographic: 337 Whales Beached in Largest Stranding Ever

The Guardian: 337 whales dead in one of history’s biggest beachings

True Activist: 337 Dead Whales in Chile is Worst Case of Mass Deaths so far

Independent UK: 337 whales wash ashore on Chilean coast in one of the largest mass strandings ever



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Patagon Journal: Misteriosa Muerte de ballenas: ¿Causa del cambio climático?

National Geographic: 337 Ballenas: El Mayor Varamiento Registrada Hasta Hoy

BBC: Impactantes imágenes de centenares de ballenas muertas en Chile

El País, Chile: Más de 300s ballenas aparecen muertas en Chile