Project Supporters – Thank you Pike!

Thank you to Pike for personally hand delivering 7 new time lapse cameras, batteries and SD cards from the United States to Chile! Pike literally brought an entire extra duffle bag full of stuff for the May expedition, including two cans of chipotle peppers. Why? Because he’s the man.


Pike Pike Pike, we love Pike

Well, there’s a good 15 days left on the Kickstarter! That’s great! Keep up the stoke as this project continues gaining momentum. Thanks for your continued support, and if you haven’t yet – follow us!


2 thoughts on “Project Supporters – Thank you Pike!

  1. Hello katie! My name is Carolina , I am from Puerto Montt. I love the ocean, and also I love to sail.. I saw pictures on this blog that you guys when sailing south with Keri and Greg. I met them in Patagonia when I was sailing there last year. I don’t know if you need any help? If you guys go to sail south again, ,, do you think do you need any crew? If that is the case , I am here available! ! I sent an email to Keri and Greg but I haven’t had any reply yet.. I thought maybe there were sailing with no connection ! Anyway, just let me know if you may need so help .. big hugs!


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