All aboard the Navimag!

 Ready to embark on the Navimag. From L-R: Fernanda, Sebastián, Anita, Franco, Katie 

The infamously terrible weather in Golfo de Penas is not just a tale from the past. During its recent journey to Puerto Montt, the Eden ferry was delayed a full day because of high surf, encountering waves up to 7-9m! As our onboard guide said during a safety briefing, crossing the Golfo de Penas “No es una broma!” (Is not a joke!)

We were supposed to ship out last night at 10pm, and then today at 2pm. Now, we even are delayed six more hours. But this is Patagonia, which runs on its own time. 

For now, we are happy to be aboard the Navimag, and grateful to have finished packing and organizing a half-container’s worth of supplies and equipment! There seems to be only a small storm on the horizon, so hopefully we will have calm seas for the first of our four crossings in the Golfo.

This is also whale season for the region, and we will be watching closely to make our first entries into the Natural Events Log.

Until next time, Katie

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